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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive P250 Skin giveaway!

Today am giving away a P250 Skin, Worth 2$ Exterior Factory new, With a Aces High (Holo) Sticker. 10 Days left! GoodLuck!
2$ Skin Giveaway

Three New Crown The Empire Song you need to listen. W/ Lyrics!

Hi Guys, Today its METAL/Rock Post.. It's about the band Crown the Empire. On youtube Rise Records uploaded Three New Songs of Crown the Empire which are RECOMMENDED TO Listen. If you don't listen to these song while you are alive, Your life had no meaning! (This is only for metal/hard rock lovers)

1. Crown The Empire - Lucky Us

Lucky Us Lyrics:

Are you hanging on my words tonight? Don’t you get it?
Hold your breath and everything’s just fine. Don’t you get it?
Forgotten we could be alone if we waste away
If there’s a love that brings us home it drowned today

We smile and grind our teeth away
Good luck forgot to call our name 
(Good God)
Lucky us

No one’s hanging on our words tonight. Don’t you get it?
You can try, but you won’t change their minds. Don’t forget it

Burned in the sun, afraid of what you’ll become
You’ll pay the price when you’re free, you’ll see
Tell me who you want to be. Tell me what you want to see

Tortured, but no one leads the way
Force-fed like rats inside a maze

2. Crown The Empire - Hologram 

Hologram Lyrics:

Through your eyes I fight for gravity, a place to stand, and a place to breathe
When the walls begin to shake in the home you thought you know
Will you run? Will you stay? Will you choose?
Do you know who I am? I’m so afraid you’ll never understand
There’s a part of me still lost out there, and I just want to know
Am I becoming a hologram?
Close your eyes from the darker side of things
A shade of grey hidden under sheets
Now I think I’m worried that I’m in too deep like a phantom that you’ll never see
So I just want to know am I a part of the hologram?
Shadowed in time, another road redefined

3. Crown The Empire - Weight of the World

Weight of the world Lyrics:

You've been doing what you like
Thinking that you're always right
You can hold your breath,
'Cause I won't hold mine

You wouldn't care if it killed me
Misunderstood when you're guilty
No you can bite your tongue
'Cause I won't bite mine

It's all so complicated
The way we're built to break it
I think it's overrated
I'm sick of the weight of the world
I'm so sick

Now you think you've won this time
Thinking life was yours to buy
But you should wonder why
You can't sleep at night
Don't need your validation
Your drawn out dedication

Sunday, July 24, 2016

s1mple is a beast!

On Stream a day ago he got this Amazing ACE  and i was Stunned just by seeing that, that jumpshot and then the last noscope was so good! s1mple actually has real good potential of being in TOP 10 in 2016.

s1mple has a  KDR of 1.19  and a  Rating of 1.18  in his lifetime Stats.
Past 3 months  Rating is 1.11 , which is really amazing and he is 18 years old. Which is Amazing!

On 06-06-2016 Team Liquid Announced that s1mple would be playing ECS Season 1 Finals and ESL Cologne 2016. Which works really well and Team Liquid Showed how strong they were with the Ukrainian, The Ukrainian Young Talent has been showing some  insane plays  and  clutch plays  for which he even got a  Graffiti on B Site in Cache  which he got 2 insane NoScopes against fnatic!

They Went on to the Grand Finals against SK-Gaming (ex-LG), SK-Gaming being the best in the world, they retained their position and won the Major and Team Liquid Manged to Climb their way up to World  Rank No. 5  (HLTV Rankings) Coming in as the Runner-ups. Currently they are  Ranked No. 8  on HLTV.  Also we cannot ignore the fact not all the Top Tier teams  were on point at the Major.[/i]

So, s1mple will be a playmaker for the team he will join ofcourse with his Amazing AWPing Skills! With a potential he has, he deserves to be in a top tier team! As he left Team Liquid because he was just a Stand-In for two tournaments. He is Amazing with Pistol, His AWPing and Rifles are just as Good! He is everything a team would want. Now if s1mple joins a team that team has 99.99% Chances of ending up in Top 5 (if they aren't already). They are gonna Win Tournaments and a lot of them. After a year or two he is gonna be compared to the best AWPers of all time if he carries on the form he is in.

We have to wait and see what future holds for s1mple because is a strong player with a lot of potential!

 s1mple is a beast and will make a huge difference in whichever team he ends up in. [/i]

Thanks for your time! Let me know your thoughts on s1mple! I would love to hear your feedbacks!

 - Maes

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summit Goes Summit Mode Funny on Stream | HD

Summit1g is at it again. His opponent troll him by throwing molotov at him while he is away!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Oskar Goes Summit Mode on Stream | HD

Dying to a Molly losing the round for the team! Rings a Bell? Yes it does. Oskar goes Summit1G Mode on Stream! I hope you enjoyed it! 

- Maes